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We believe that every project is important and unique and for that reason we do not impose a fixed business model upon our clients. Htech electronic manufacturers should be your partner of choice for OEM, ODM, design engineering, manufacturing of parts, private labelling existing products or building complete turn-key projects. We design and manufacture both industrial and consumer electronics, turning a concept into a finished product. Although you would achieve the best results by working with us from the very beginning, we have the flexibility to work with you at any stage of your development cycle.

Dedicated Production Team – We have dedicated personnel for component and material procurement, component installation, operation of various machines for production automation, product assembly, inspection and testing of function and workmanship and packaging of finished products. We have quality auditing and assurance staff at each predetermined stage. We attach great importance to the training and continuing education of our team members, including managerial personnel and production line workers, in order to keep ourselves abreast of the most up-to-date management skills and the most advanced production techniques.

Projects & Design

We provide turnkey solutions for projects & designs.

Product Assembly

Htech has the facilities for product

Transformer Winding

Htech has the facility to wind small form transformers.

Wiring and Looms

Htech provide complete or in part loom manufacturing.

Screen Printing

Small to medium size device screen printing services.

3D Prinitng

Htech has in-house 3D printers.

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we design and manufacture.


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